When planning the route of cable for underwater fiber optical communication line it`s necessary to take into account many factors, that allow to asses potential risks. For this purpose preliminary analysis of route is carried out, morphology and geology of sea bottom (seismic activity, underwater volcanicity, submarine barchans, hard rock outcrop, subaqueous slump and eboulement opportunity), oceanography and meteorology are studied. Basic data for such analysis become the results of offshore survey on site of proposed route. These results are also basic data for engineering design. Basic data obtaining process is a complex of activities, that includes geological and geotechnical (soil and sediments sampling with further laboratory testing), geophysical (bathymetry, side scan sonar bottom surface scanning, sub-bottom profiling, magnetometry), hydrometeorological (stream, wind, waves etc direction and speed measurements) and environmental investigations.

SVAROG has everything being necessary for such projects execution, not only at the stage of engineering design, but at the stage of laying, when highly accurate coordination of laying process and control of vessels and cable position are required.

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