Land Survey Equipment

Topcon GPT-7501 Total Station

Accurate and reliable instrument with friendly interface

Leica TS11 Viva Total Station

Performance optimization with detailed documentation (photography) of area conditions

Leica TS06 Plus Total Station

Simple and reliable device. Combination of high speed and measurement accuracy

Leica ScanStation P20 - high speed pulsed laser scanner with survey grade accuracy, range and field-of-view; integrated camera and laser plummet

The best high speed scanner for this industry

Trimble S9 HP 0.5 Robotic Total Station

Provides an opportunity to combine scanning, image acquisition and land survey in consistent solution

Trimble DiNi Digital Level

Trimble DiNi is an instrument examined in field and designed for work at any object where quick and precise elevation measurement is requested

Trimble R8III GNSS Receiver

Trimble R8 is an ultimate GNSS partner of land surveyors for RTK survey in severe environment

Trimble NetR9 GNSS Receiver

Continuously operating station of differential GNSS sub-system

Hemisphere GPS S320 GNSS Receiver

Hardy surveyor

Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner – fast, accurate and lightweight

Laser Scanner