Oil and gas shelf fields development is impossible without construction of pipelines and other production facilities. At modern offshore oilfields certain   underwater pipelines join certain platforms to main tank and floating storage, which is equipped for tanker mooring, and other ones join offshore tanks direct to onshore tank.

When engineering and constructing pipelines, especially in Arctic region conditions,specialists have to resolve a variety of unique tasks, which oil and gas industry hasn’t faced with yet, executing projects in different world regions. They include ice gouging, strudel scour, shore ice ride-up, stability of coast soil, ice melting. Quite often it`s necessary to develop special methods and possess special equipment, intended for work in further-flung regions (in the absence of any infrastructure), with limited period of construction season, in inclement weather and difficult ice situation.

We provide full range of services, including reconnaissance pipeline route or site survey, positioning services for construction or transportation and installation of facility, and all types of offshore post-construction surveys.

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