Telecommunication and information technologies industry is one of the most important sectors of economics, which maintain other industries and state in totality. Globally telecommunication development trends can be described as a movement to globalization, setting up of common information area, and development of information economy.

Telecommunication sector is the largest market of services, and people`s demand for telecommunication services is growing up every year. However the market is far from the level of saturation. High speed technologies are massively developing, supply is growing and demand for quality and wide information content is increasing. As a consequence further development of global information and telecommunication infrastructure is considered as one of the main sectors of society commercial and intellectual activity growth. To join people, to make them closer to each other and to a required source of information, it`s necessary to connect continents. And one of the most effective ways to reach this objective is to lay underwater fibre-optic communication line.

Laying underwater communications is a complicated investigational, engineering and constructive challenge, solution of which is impossible without offshore surveys, including geophysical (bathymetry, underwater echo sounding, seismoacoustic profiling), geotechnical (testing, sampling) and environmental researches.

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