Fuel resources provide energy not only for industry of any country in the world but for almost all living environment. Oil and gas sector is the most important part of fuel and energy complex.

Oil and gas industry is a generalized name for complex of industrial enterprises for extraction, transportation, refining and distribution of oil and gas refining final product. It`s one of the most powerful branches of global economy that sets to a wide extent the budgets and external balances of exporting countries, and has a great impact on almost each sphere of living environment.  Constantly increasing demand for energy resources stimulates new oil and gas fields search as well as upgrading of methodology and improvement of hydrocarbon extraction efficiency and its further distribution. SVAROG – its expert knowledge, equipment and advanced technology – is customized to these objectives in the best way possible, providing oil and gas companies operations with necessary flexibility, situation understanding and opportunity of correct risk assessment.

We optimize oil and gas field exploration and development, its extraction, transportation and decommissioning of production complexes. Therefore we provide the following services in oil and gas industry:

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