Fiber optic cable, which is used for underwater cable lines, is of exceptional interference immunity, confidentiality and information delivery capacity. Meanwhile, cost of its production and underwater laying is quite substantial, that’s why after laying proper management of its operation prevails for an operator. SVAROG offers a full range of professional and quality services for underwater segments of backbone lines inspection.

Certain types of work

High precision positioning for all types of offshore work

We provide full range of services both for positioning on sea surface and underwater. Positioning is performed using visual, radio-navigation, satellite and hydro acoustic methods. It includes the following:
- High accuracy positioning of surface and underwater objects for any offshore survey operations
- Utilization of specific control systems for each type of works (barge and tug management, running of hydrographic (geophysic) measurement complexes etc.)
- Provision of reliable on-line communication between coordinated objects including local networking of several objects unconnected physically.

Complex hydrographic and geophysical surveys

We possess up-to-date hardware and software systems to perform detailed survey of seabed topography, integrated systems to examine the seabed and water column properties as well as prepared and experienced personnel that allow us to provide following surveys within a short time and without additional costs:
- Site bathymetric survey using multibeam echosounders
- Sonar seabed inspection
- Magnetometry
- High frequency continuous seismoacoustic profiling
- Low frequency single- and multi-channel seismoacoustic profiling.

Geotechnical (engineering geological) investigations

We perform geotechnical investigations required for exploration activities, installation of exploration and production drilling rigs, construction of hydro technical facilities, and laying of underwater pipelines and other utility lines. It includes the following:
- Site bathymetric survey using multibeam echosounders
- Sonar seabed inspection
- Magnetometry
- High frequency continuous seismo-acoustic profiling
- Low frequency single- and multi-channel seismo-acoustic profiling
- Probe sampling using gravity, vibro-drill and grab samplers
- Primary study of samples by means of mobile soil testing laboratory
- Storage of samples until delivery to professional laboratory
- CPT.

Engineering hydro-meteorological and ecological surveys

Our up-to-date equipment allows to fix and deliver to customer (including online) and record following hydro meteorological information:
- Wind speed and direction
- Stream speed and direction
- Wave height, velocity, direction and period
- Water conductivity, temperature and pressure
- Sea level data
- Atmosphere pressure, air humidity and temperature, as well as amount of precipitations data
Also we provide following ecological works:
- Hole mouth survey and collection of fluid samples (if necessary) using ROV
- Soil sampling
- Water sampling from different depths
- Primary study of soil and water samples by means of vessel laboratory
- Preservation and storage of samples until delivery to professional laboratory.

Horizontal and vertical control for all types of work

We establish geodetic control networks regardless the object complexity, required accuracy, and coordinate system.

Inspection of underwater facilities and utility lines

We use modern hydro acoustic systems, including AUV and ROV, along with visual control equipment to perform underwater facilities monitoring and inspection. It allows us to realize the following tasks successfully:
- Site survey of underwater facilities by means of hydro acoustic methods and, including AUV survey
- Visual inspection of underwater facilities using AUV and ROV
- Inspection of underwater pipeline CP condition using ROV along with dedicated equipment
- Control of pipeline depth by pipeline locator installed on ROV.

Monitoring of structures and facilities

We perform monitoring of geometric (design) parameters of industrial objects of any complexity by innovative methods.

Differential service

In cooperation with our Partner we provide services of high-precision online Starfix.HP and Starfix.G2 / Starfix.XP2 positioning. The positioning can be executed using both control reference stations established by Svarog in Russia and an innovative solution called Satellite Differential System GPS+GLONASS (Satellite Differential GNSS - SDGNSS), based on determination of corrections to orbit and clock measurements for each satellite in GPS and GLONASS.

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